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IITian tries to bring back the ancient history of Kachi Ghani oil

We all have heard of "Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe" which are known to provide highly effective home remedies to numerous small to big health issues. Working on the same formulae an IITian tries to bring back the ancient history of Kachi Ghani oil back in our lives. Not only that but he also wants to give 12 lakh jobs from this industry by empowering others to take such initiatives.

Vishesh Sharma (29), a B.Tech graduate of from the prestigious IIT BHU, is extracting Virgin Cold-Pressed oils and delivering granny’s favorite oils to thousands of families Pan-India.

After running a successful Government-funded Software Company for 2 years, Mr.Vishesh found his interest in Public Health Awareness & Alternate Education. He started learning basic concepts of Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Sustainable lifestyle. He worked on one such project in the area of sustainable lifestyle, under the aegis of Padmashri Prof. Anil K. Gupta (IIM-Ahmedabad). The project received many accolades and was launched by the then President Pranab Mukherjee.

Meanwhile, he came to know that big companies/brands are playing with the health of the people in the name of refined food products like refined sugar, refined oil and others. Refined oils that most people are consuming today are industrially extracted at very high temperatures using many chemicals. In addition, they are mostly adulterated with dangerous palm oil. While on the one hand, patients of heart, high blood pressure, etc. are increasing due to consumption of Refined products; on the other hand, Indian crude-pressed oils are now becoming famous for the heart health around the world.

Mr.Sharma shares that excessive commercialization, branding & refinement while oils are extracted from oil seeds have led to eventual deterioration of best health interests & that the agenda of its reversal can no longer remain on paper. Actions must speak.

To further promote such a value, Mr. Sharma launched an initiative named EcoVidhi in Vadodara in Jan 2020. At EcoVidhi, Mr.Sharma runs traditional Wood & Stone based Kachi Ghanis to extract the purest & the most healthiest form of Edible oils. Be it Virgin Cold-Pressed Groundnut oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Mustard oil, Flaxseed oil, Onion Blackseed oil, Walnut oil, Sunflower oil or even Almond oil, EcoVidhi ensures that its large pool of customers get pure & fresh oil.

Vishesh shares that he has thoroughly studied hundreds of researches in modern science and with the help of which he guides his clients and doctors in his seminars.

At the moment when cold pressed oils are being promoted around the world for health and quality of food, Sharma plans to start a regular free training program in India for those who want their own Ghani oil, want to start the mill and are looking for financial, business operations and marketing support.

Now Mr.Sharma says that the time has come when we start supporting our local cold press oil mills to secure good health and economic freedom.


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